Male Domination

Turning my little brother in my best personal slave and the best slave of the world in 1 year challenge – I

An alpha man deserves an alpha slave.I’m bored with the incompetence of many slavesI’m bored with the incompetence of my own younger brotherIn his life he needs discipline, He has everything a fetishist could want and even so he only wastes his life, just eating, sleeping and playing video games. However, I believe that I am the right person to turn his life around and turn him into the alpha slave I need. Mastering someone successful, aesthetic and talented is clearly a prestige and a luxury that I need and with my slave training 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, Lucky will no longer have control over his life. He will eat when I say it, will sleep when I say it, it will play when I say it and of course, it will have to follow My exercise routines and my personal care plan that he clearly need it ….I start waking  him up in a different way, climbing on his back, LUCKY HATES THE TRAMPLING, BUT I LOVE THE SENSATION OF CRUSHING MY BROTHER UNDER MY GLORIOUS SWEATY FEET. I throw him out of bed and force him to fully wake up. stinking socks await him to be washed deep in his throat, Oooh yes ! You can really see the sweat and dirt in these socks! you really can really smell them out of your screen ! It’s time to wash my clothes, but from now on my underwear will be washed on my lil brother’s mouth , LUCKY USE TO HAVE THE CONTROL WHEN HE LICKS FEET, LIKES TO FEEL THE FINANCIAL POWER ON THE PERSON THAT HE LICKS, I LIKE TO FEEL THE PLEASURE OF CONTROL TO WHOM IS WORSHIPING ME, THAT’S WHY I PUT MY FULL FOOT IN HIS MOUTH, ALL 5 TOES TOUCHING HIS THROAT, CLEARLY MAKES MUCH COLD THIS TIME AND I NEED TO WARM MY FEET IN ANY WAY, ALSO THAT CLEAN THAT HORRIBLE FOOT SMELL AFTER WORKOUT, WELL… HE HAS NO CHOICE, LUCKY HATE MAKE WORSHIP WITH SOCKS ON BUT I NEED A HUMAN WASHING MACHINE, NOT A BROTHER WHO IS COMPLAINT.I play with his mouth until my feet are wrinkled from so much absorbed saliva, he really has talent, but is wasted in his humanity. However with my talent I know it will not be difficult, in a year I will transform that mass that spends space of my younger brother in a personal toy who will be really worth it,  an admired alpha slave. To close his initiation I make Lucky repeat a pact and an oath that I will charge on force him to not to break. I will start taking care of  the control of his life, when and how much he eat and force him to do a heavy workout routine. Obviously to seal such a sacred pact you need sacred water from my sacred alpha kidneys. Lucky is ready to receive my water, I look into the eyes of my little brother and I clarify that while he lives in my house, I will never use the urinal anymore, that’s what his mouth is for.In this series you will start to see a lot of humiliating things to I do to my brother and also a change on his mind and body with the time.