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Jacquelyn Vs Galas: Self Defense Demonstration Gone Wrong – m4v

Galas talks about the best areas to strike a potential attacker on her lovely assistant Jacquelyn.  The nose, the throat, solar plexus and the groin.  The first move that Galas shows is a bear hug defense using a palm strike to the crotch and to the face.  Jacquelyn is still groaning in pain when Galas moves on to talk about the next move to defend against, the rear bearhug. She uses her butt to push Jacquelyn back, then elbows her in the face.  Then demonstrates stomping on her foot, a hammerfist and karate chop to the groin.  Jacquelyn is now in even more pain, trying to recover, as Galas is talking about the next move.  Next Galas demonstrates what you can do when someone has you pinned up against a wall and drives a knee up into her groin.  Now, what to do if an attacker is running toward you?  A hard kick to the crotch will stop them in their tracks! Jacquelyn now has an ice pack on her crotch and she is furious with Galas. Before Galas can end the video Jacquelyn decides to show off all of the painful moves that she learned on Galas  Now Jacquelyn stands triumphantly as Galas is rolling  around and writhing on the floor in serious pain!(Want to order your own custom video? Email me at my email address at top) @GalasXXX